This Will Only Hurt a Litte | Group Exhibition

gallery preview gallery detail
gallery preview gallery detail

Spray Foam, PVC Pipe, Photo Collage, Mesh, Yarn 2020

Group exhibition at the Hudson-on-Pratt gallery in Hartford, CT. A continutation of my studies into the connective ecosystem of slime mold as a framework for artistic exploration and societal critique. Shown alongside Sydney Morris and Karl Goulet.

Networking | Mill Street Project

image of large blue and yellow tapestry
image of large blue and yellow tapestry
image of large blue and yellow tapestry

Mesh, Yarn 2020

This piece is a monument to networks, communities, and patterns. Mesh fabric and yarn create a visual metaphor for the networks that connect us and the world we live in. Inspired by physarum polycephalum, a species of slime mold, this piece uses the growth pattern of mold as a metaphor for the vast networks of living material that make up not only our bodies, but also the living and non-living communities that we inhabit and contribute to. By installing this piece in the Mill Street warehouse, it is a monument to the community and networks of artists that have been created through the Mill Street Project.

Boxed Video

Single channel 360 and green screen footage, Petco feeder crickets (Acheta domestica), 2018

Joy Pepe, curator of the Ely Center of Contemporary Art's online exhibition 'Wonder Working- Nature' gave her thoughts on "Box", 2020:

"Erinn McKenna’s Box lowers the gaze to a worm’s eye view at the base of plant roots. Glowing yellow insects crawl through this small jungle, but space is altered and they appear to squiggle along on a flat glass interposed over the green foliage. Within this cropped, boxed view, a microcosm of nature’s elements thrive, unaltered by the macrocosm flourishing above, yet manipulated by the artist’s abilities to alter spatial relations and natural forces as the image fades to just the glowing, irradiated insects. It is a scene reminiscent of the opening shot of David Lynch’s Blue Velvet when the director thrusts the camera to the grass roots on a suburban lawn to the ants crawling beneath. In both, the viewers are equated with the busy insects, inconsequential yet necessary in life’s chain."

A Lemon Tree Grows in Your Backyard | Pop of Color

image of a storefront installation image of a storefront installation

Multimedia installation, Chicken Wire, astroturf, clear vinyl tubing, glass cube, water pump, water, 2019

Part of the public art series "A Pop of Color" organized by Colorful Bridgeport and the Bridgeport Downtown Special Services District. "A Lemon Tree Grows in Your Garden" is an exploration of texture, nature, movement, and abstracted forms.This piece is intended to juxtapose the surrounding concrete/urban space of the city and inspire a conversation about urban ecosystems (human and plant based). By using materials that are conventionally used for construction, municipal projects, and ‘artificial’ pursuits; the artist has drawn a parallel between the city installation location and the natural/rural subject matter.

Digital Ecologies | Undergraduate Thesis

image of a green woven tapestry image of a green woven tapestry image of a green woven tapestry

Hand woven tapestry, moss, video, tomato hornworms (Manduca Quinquemaculata), 2019

"Digital Ecologies" (Undergraduate Thesis) utilizes conventionally opposing mediums to explore intersections between the accepted binary of ‘natural’ and ‘artificial’. Inspired by Donna Haraway’s ‘Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene’, the piece uses string as a connective tissue between the two energies (digital 360° video and live insects) to demonstrate new pathways of thinking about the environment, technology, and the interactions humans have with the two.

Cooking in Another Room

image of a large scale egg sac image of a large scale egg sac image of a large scale egg sac

Papier mache, fishing line, saffron rice, egg shells, red pepper flakes, rigatoni, 2019

Installation emulating an spider's egg sac, filled with the smells and tastes of my childhood.

Digital Space

screenshot of a website

"Digital Space"
Interactive Website, 3D Models
Explore the digital spaces you know so well, up close and in detail.

ASMR/Slime Study

Single channel video, 2018
My exploration into performance and the instagram/youtube phenomenon of stim culture